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Главная » 2009 » Березнь » 2 » G3D Engine (мова-С++)
G3D Engine (мова-С++)
Поточна версія: 7.01 

Опис: G3D is a commercial-grade C + + 3D engine available as Open Source (BSD License). It is used in commercial games, research papers, military simulators, and university courses. G3D supports real-time rendering, OFF-line rendering like ray tracing, and general purpose computation on GPUs. 

G3D provides a set of routines and structures so common that they are needed in almost every graphics program. It makes low-level libraries like OpenGL and sockets easier to use without limiting functionality or performance. G3D is a rock-Solid, highly optimized base on which to build your 3D application. 

Major features include: 
3DS, IFS, MD2, BSP, PLY2, OFF, and custom models 
JPG, PNG, BMP, PPM, PCX, TGA, DDS, and ICO images 
MP4, MPG, MOV, AVI, DV, QT, WMV, Video 
Runtime debugging tools and developer HUD 
Themed GUI and font rendering 
Optional automatic memory management 
TCP and UDP-based networking with P2P LAN discovery 
Optimized n x m matrix, including inverse and SVD 
Windows XP, Vista, OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD supported 
Visual C + +, XCode, and gcc compatible 
Configuration file read / Write 
Spline, KD-Tree, Frustum and other necessary 3D classes 
Java file and network classes 
Tools: Model viewer, GPU benchmark, and build utilities 
500 pages of reference and overview documentation
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