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Главная » 2009 » Березнь » 2 » Conitec Datasystems A6 3DGameStudio v6.22
Conitec Datasystems A6 3DGameStudio v6.22
На сьогоднішній день є мабуть одним з найбільш відомих програмних пакетів для створення realtime 3D контенту. 
Напевно глупо буде переводити чисто технічні терміни на російську мову, тому опис основних можливостей движка залишимо на англійською: 

General Features 

Object-Oriented Design, Plug-in Architecture, Save / Load System: 
• Automatic selection of own or hardware based T & L for maximum performance on old and new 3D hardware 
• DLL plugin interface 
• Arbitrary axis rotations for space and flight simulators 
• Path tracking for camera, actors or vehicles 


• Starting users can use the large library of pre-made scripts. Can create an entire game without writing any code! 
• More advanced users can use the built in script language to have full control over the everything in the game. 
• Expert users can interface to the engine using C / C + + or Delphi. 

Built-in Editors Level, Model, and Script editors included. 

Physics Basic Physics, Collision Detection, Rigid Body, Vehicle Physics: 

• Physics engine supports gravity, Mass, Damping, elasticity, Friction, and hinge, Ball, Wheel, and slider joints 
• Polygon level collision detection for terrain and 3D objects 

Lighting Per-Vertex, Per-Pixel, Lightmapping: 

• Static and dynamic point, Spot, and directional light sources 

Shadows Projected planar, Shadow Volume: 

• Stencil shadows and 24-bit level surfaces 

Texturing Basic, Multi-texturing, Bumpmapping, Mipmapping: 

• Trilinear mip mapping 
• Multitexturing (up to 8 textures), light maps, detail textures 
• Material properties for static and dynamic objects 

Shaders Vertex, Pixel: 

Scene Management BSP, Portals, Occlusion Culling, PVS, Lod: • Seamless indoor and outdoor support 

Animation Keyframe Animation, Skeletal Animation, Morphing, Animation Blending: 
Meshes Mesh Loading, Skinning, Deformation: 

Special Effects Environment Mapping, Lens Flares, Billboarding, Particle System, Sky, Water, Fog, Mirror: 
• Programmable particle and beam generators 
• Sky system with animated layers and backdrop bitmaps 
• 3D views and movies can be rendered to curved surfaces, for distortion or fisheye effects 
• Colored fog areas 
• Programmable 2D and 3D effects like lens flares, bullet holes, cartoon rendering etc 
• Slow motion / quick motion effect 

Terrain Rendering: 
• Deformable heightmap terrain 

Networking System Client-Server, Master Server: 
• Multizone / multiserver support for massive online multiplayer games 

Sound & Video 3D Sound: 
• Supports wav, Mid, OGG, CD, mp3, AVI, and mpg 
• 3D sound sources with Doppler effect 

Artificial Intelligence Pathfinding, Decision Making, Finite State Machines, Scripted: • Full scripting language and DLL interface plus a large library of pre-built AI. 

Rendering Fixed-FUNCTION, Render-to-Texture: 
• 3D views and movies can be rendered to curved surfaces 
• Six degrees of freedom, multiple cameras and render views 
• Material properties for static and dynamic objects 
• Animated 3D sprites and decals 
• 2D renderer for still images, 2D sprites, Panels, Buttons, sliders, Overlays, Truetype and bitmap fonts, screenshots and movies 
• Mouse picking and manipulating of 3D objects
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